Ibra : I am not affraid with teror

Zlatan Ibrahimovic to joining AC Milan, the cynicism smell stuck in camps rivals Inter Milan. That said, Interisti fan-nickname of the Inter-ready given a speech 'special' for players who are being labeled as a traitor.Disappointment was clearly emanating from fan Interisti when one player who could always be adored, instead derby crossed to the club. Ibra who last season decided marginalized in the Barcelona squad for a period of one year loan with First Rossoneri.Ibra themselves are quite aware of the consequences to be faced due to these decisions. He also claimed to be ready, receives from Interisti uncomfortable when these two teams clashed derby. He admitted that he was not afraid with any behavior that would be loyal tifosi Inter."Am I afraid of Interisti? I was never afraid, "said Ibra as quoted by Gazzetta dello Sport, Tuesday (07/09/2010).On this occasion, Ibra also expose its lending targets in the period with Il Diavolo. Do not hesitate, bomber 28 years said that he wants to win many titles together I Rossoneri."I came to Milan to win many trophies and Champions League to be my main project here," he added."But, you need a little luck in the Champions League. I had the opportunity several times to see a championship team, but I never imagined they would be champions, "he said.

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