Spain Team are Welcome

Spanish team got special treatment when they arrive in Argentina. Vicente del Bosque troops is directly received by the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez at his official residence in Buenos Aires.It spelled out a special welcome because Spain became the first team to get a message from the president of Argentina. A number of World Cup winners such as Brazil and Uruguay also made a friendly earlier after they won the title, but there is no reception as did Cristina Fernandez.We welcome players of Spain, Fernandez warned that Spain and Argentina are two countries that have cultural and linguistic affinity.
"Spain is not only a country, but we feel very close," said Fernandez, who claimed to have Spanish blood.
Matador squad containing 23 players traveled to Buenos Aries. After monday received a greeting people's number one in Argentina, Messi's turn et will host this World Cup champion in the Monumental Stadium, home of River Plate with a capacity of 65 thousand spectators,

We will win againts Argentina : said Del Bosque

 Spain coach Vicente del Bosque cautioned not to jumawa foster children with the accomplishments that he achieved in the last two years. Del Bosque warned if it will only make them on the verge of collapse.Having won the Euro 2008 trophy with coach Luis Aragones, Del Bosque who were successors to take La Furia Roja squad managed to continue with glory made history when won his first World Cup in South Africa, then in June 2010. Won two prestigious titles in succession is indeed remarkable. In fact, only three teams in history who is able to do, namely German, French and Spanish.Holds the status of the team master of the world, Del Bosque stricken with anxiety. Former Real Madrid coach was afraid, if that distinction makes a big head so that his players often underestimate the opponent we are facing."The worst thing that could happen to this team was when they (the players) believe they are the king of the world. After winning the World Cup, the other targets we should aim at is the next tournament, "said Del Bosque as quoted by Reuters on Tuesday (07/09/2010)."We must keep our thinking only coaches and players. We must not think that we are world champions. Therefore, we have a tremendous responsibility to keep moving, "he added."I think our success this time more than the team's performance because golden generation. We did not experience many changes since the World Cup, "he said. (ACF)

Friendly Match : Argentina VS Spain

2010 world champion Spain will be testing the strength of tough teams in South America, Argentina in a test match, Tuesday (07/09/2010) night local time. Captain of La Furia Roja, Vicente Del Bosque also give you a little prediction relating this grand duel.

After crushing Liechtenstein 4-0 in Euro 2012 qualifying opening match, at the weekend, a new Spanish really gets tough challenges when it comes to travel to the headquarters Albiceleste. Though only a show, a duel of testing, but the prestige of betting both teams certainly will be a flavor that make walking interesting duel.Spain who came to world champion status, and not to mention undefeated since smothering Switzerland in the group stage of World Cup 2010, certainly did not want to record  smudged. While on the other faction, which has a row of Team Tango quality players, certainly wants to bury the bitter memories of past failure in South Africa (crushed Germany 1-4), by appearing as the first team that can conquer the world champion.Responding to this duel, Del Bosque will take a balanced game to predict. Former Real Madrid entrenador no one is even called the favorite teams in a duel later. Because, he thinks both teams have the same chance to win."The game has changed since the Argentina World Cup then. I saw their game against Ireland. Now, they play more priority to control the ball in midfield and the players they make a difference by doing acceleration, "said Del Bosque was quoted as Goal, Tuesday (07/09/2010)."Argentine same level with us, and they also have the organization and the talent that is not far different from us. So, our strength is not far different, "said del bosque