Theo Walcott is injured

England was to secure three points after a bend in Basel Switzerland, early this morning. But, fate fateful experienced winger Theo Walcott.Walcott appears impressive start to the season the Premier League with Arsenal. Will be a big problem for the Gunners and England if the injury is serious enough.Walcott became the mastermind behind the creation of an opening goal Wayne Rooney scored. Walcott worked with Glen Jonhson guarding the right side then scored for fruiting-Wazza Rooney call-.Unfortunately, Walcott must exit the field more quickly after receiving hard tackle central defender Steve van Bergen, which led to a right ankle injury.Former Southampton retainer was even rushed to the hospital immediately Basel to scan his right ankle. Lucky, an injury suffered by Walcott was not too serious."There was a slight problem, but no big deal. We must wait, "said Fabio Capello."I've talked to Theo, he also said it was no big deal. I asked him, 'two weeks?'. He said that might be less than that, "continued the architect of the Union Jack at The Sun, Wednesday (09/08/2010).

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