Barcelona's still dominan

Barcelona's dominance in the last two seasons in La Liga competition is believed to be Zinedine Zidane ended this season. So, which team would be able to tame by Zizou the Catalan giants?Was predictable, the answer is of course the legendary French is a former club Real Madrid. This time Zidane grew optimistic following the establishment of a genius coach Jose Mourinho in the chair is training. Former Los Galacticos pillar in the 2001-2006 era was believed when the 'Special One is the right person who can fill the void in the Santiago Bernabeu during the last few seasonsIn addition to the figure of Mourinho, Zidane is also believed to El Real squad capabilities currently occupied by a player who is now a lot younger. Players are well known by the action tandukan head into Marco Materazzi's chest in the World Cup final was optimistic when Anyar Mou recruits would be able to bring his club to end the hegemony of their eternal enemies, Barcelona, despite the hiccup in the game had when arrested perdanda goalless draw by Mallorca."I can not see the match versus Mallorca. But according to me, Madrid is still in preparation stage. Mourinho brought what had been lacking in this team, "said Mourinho was quoted as saying the United States, Tuesday (09/07/2010)."I believe, would be slick at Barca this season. However, this year Madrid will be able to do something big, "he added optimstis could return to former club the best in the land of Matador."For now, the way Barcelona played really tough match, but Madrid has the players and coaches who have the quality to beat them. Now, they (Madrid) has started to focus on developing young players. In recent years, Barca have done the best for their players, and they have so far created four or five good players, "said 38-year playmaker. 

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